Finally, back here again

I am going to keep this site until I actually do something with

it and add some photos and such.

Lately my mind has been floating around in the land of Apathy;  the drawings

and paintings  in a kind of stasis.


Colors and a quiet morning

A  quiet morning (I’m up at 4AM or so) listening to the silence and reading one of my old favorite books “A Joseph Campbell Companion” with William laying snuggled by me ( I got him from a Standard Poodle rescue when he was 6 months old and skin and bones and a lot of very curly hair–he is over 5 now); a good time for getting to that still place inside where thoughts, feelings and images flow.

Yesterday I put a Liquitex gloss glazing medium onto five smallish paintings to bring out the underlying colors and was very pleased with what came up from the backgrounds to mingle. I love doing this and the surprising things that happen.  The paintings are on stretched canvas, and in their early stages ( I think); some more time with acrylics and usually on into oils.  Love working with these overlays and transparencies of color.


Wonderful new computer

Yes, this is really a great new computer and I love the large monitor and clarity; but a little bit away from being understood by me- no surprise- and it is Windows 8.1. The difference in picture quality is beautiful!  Looking at photos on Pinterest and other artist’s blogs is just an absolute pleasure.  I will be downloading a few art programs and look forward to playing with them.  My Microtek scanner ought to work with it.  I want to get a different header onto my blog page.



Lots of time in my studio

I want to at least write something here although I have not put pictures in yet; still not there.   A lot of time working on multiple paintings–different sizes- mostly starting out using acrylic paints and working on into oils. Having fun using great bright contrasting color over Golden mediums which I have also been playing with. The painting begins very unformed and somehow works its way into shapes and forms large and small to minute that have a way of floating around which I like .Have also been spending time tending my plants, grooming William my standard Poodle, and just finished reading Elizabeth Gilbert‘s “The Signature of All Things”, a wonderful book. Then there’s  Pinterest , which is very interesting and fun to explore. A lot of good art work to be seen and nature photos that inspire.  And now back to painting.

Still here in the midst of things

Been having trouble getting the computer to know it has a scanner attached—it is refusing to make friends, let alone acknowledge its presence.  I am  (I guess) one of “those” artists that don’t know beans about this stuff, or I have a very uncooperative computer (let us go with this last for right now.  There is also THE camera and getting those pictures up on line.  My standard poodle William (as in Sweet) comes and places his head in my lap and tries to console me–why else would he be doing this?  I will  get some sage advise from my sister (I think she is a computer maven of sorts) How does she know all those things?  She spends a lot of her time talking to a flock of Shetland Sheep at The Sheep’s way up in the north and today they get their wool sheared; big doings with the girls.  On to some of the things I am playing with–making gelitin plates , and I have several paintings from  a 3 incher to a two footer I have been working on, going back and forth with them all with some interesting colors and textures.  Now is when I would love to have some pictures to post–maybe next time.  .

Starting out

This is realllllly new for me.  That said anyone (or poor soul) who chances on this–I wish a very warm Welcome to my new site.   Hopefully it will flower with many colorful paintings and prints of many colorful colored pencil drawings, and also my  jewelery made with wonderful natural stones from all over the world.

Symbols , the hugeness of space, the minuteness of the microcosm, the nuances of nature—I love it all.