Colors and a quiet morning

A  quiet morning (I’m up at 4AM or so) listening to the silence and reading one of my old favorite books “A Joseph Campbell Companion” with William laying snuggled by me ( I got him from a Standard Poodle rescue when he was 6 months old and skin and bones and a lot of very curly hair–he is over 5 now); a good time for getting to that still place inside where thoughts, feelings and images flow.

Yesterday I put a Liquitex gloss glazing medium onto five smallish paintings to bring out the underlying colors and was very pleased with what came up from the backgrounds to mingle. I love doing this and the surprising things that happen.  The paintings are on stretched canvas, and in their early stages ( I think); some more time with acrylics and usually on into oils.  Love working with these overlays and transparencies of color.


1 thought on “Colors and a quiet morning

  1. Oh yes! I love what a gloss glaze does to make colors pop and seemingly dance around. Just thinking about what you’ve said here, and wondering if I should do that to a painting in progress as well. It might give it a more decided direction. (Or a reason to stop!)

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