Still here in the midst of things

Been having trouble getting the computer to know it has a scanner attached—it is refusing to make friends, let alone acknowledge its presence.  I am  (I guess) one of “those” artists that don’t know beans about this stuff, or I have a very uncooperative computer (let us go with this last for right now.  There is also THE camera and getting those pictures up on line.  My standard poodle William (as in Sweet) comes and places his head in my lap and tries to console me–why else would he be doing this?  I will  get some sage advise from my sister (I think she is a computer maven of sorts) How does she know all those things?  She spends a lot of her time talking to a flock of Shetland Sheep at The Sheep’s way up in the north and today they get their wool sheared; big doings with the girls.  On to some of the things I am playing with–making gelitin plates , and I have several paintings from  a 3 incher to a two footer I have been working on, going back and forth with them all with some interesting colors and textures.  Now is when I would love to have some pictures to post–maybe next time.  .


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